Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sun dog

If I'd thought fast enough I would have had a shot of the sun shining out my arse. D'oh!

Saturday 23 February 2008
-5.3 deg C
Wind: 19.7 knt at 87 deg E

Directly after the team photo we had a 'sun dog'. The skies were clear and the sun dropped onto the horizon creating lots of opportunities for atmospheric photos. This one of the B2 module taken from the Laws building makes it look look it's on some kind of lunar terrain.

This was the rest of the site. I was trying to capture the effect of the snow being blown over the surface of the ground. The whole ground plane was moving.

Everyone with a camera was taking photographs. You can't go anywhere at Halley without a camera. There is a photogenic scene every time you go outside.

Another shot of the sun over a fluid terrain.

Andy Cheatle and the Halley sign post.

Kirk (Field GA and camera man for the Halley build), posing with the sun. It did seem like we were standing on an alien terrain.

The sun is mostly up above the horizon. Apart from an hour or so now, we have constant sunlight. But the movements of the sun still baffle me. In the evening it appears to be going in a different direction to the mornings, which I know can not happen.

I was thinking about this at breakfast and asked the question openly to the dining room 'which way does the sun track round the horizon?'

'The earth goes round the sun stupid' came the answer. That's the problem with scientists. They never clarify anything, only confuse.


AaroN said...

For a scientist, he could have even remotely come close to answering your question. Obviously, he wasn't intelligent enough to understand it. :P

Pete said...

I see that Andy has found the Staff of Rah! Remember to take measurements from both sides of the amulet or you'll end up digging in the wrong place!